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Update testing

Sometimes it might be necessary to test the update flow of the desktop application. This document will attempt to describe how to do so in details.

The desktop applications are published to our GitHub page, which we can’t really do for development purposes. To provide a fairly similar environment, we run a local S3 simulator which lets us simulate a S3 provider environment.

While this is not identical to our scenarios it will still allow us to test the UI and updating process without messing around in a GitHub repo.


  1. Start the minio docker container using docker compose up in scripts/dev.

  2. Add a read-only bucket called update, by going to http://localhost:9001 and login using minioadmin/minioadmin, click Create bucket fill in the details. Then click Manage, Access Rules and fill in the following details.

  3. Modify the package.json with the following publish settings.

    "publish" : {
    "provider": "s3",
    "endpoint": "",
    "bucket": "update"
  4. Create .aws/credentials inside the Users directory (Windows) with the following content



  1. Generate a local build using npm run publish:win:dev
  2. Install the build within dist/nsis-web/Bitwarden-Installer-1.32.0.exe
  3. Update the version number in src/package.json
  4. Publish the new version using npm run publish:win:dev
  5. The app should now prompt for an update.