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Directory Connector

The Bitwarden Directory Connector is a a desktop application used to sync your Bitwarden enterprise organization to an existing directory of users and groups.

Directory Connector receives fewer updates than the main clients. To reduce maintenance costs, it has its own copy of our shared Javascript libraries (formerly known as jslib), located in the jslib subdirectory.


  • Node.js v18 (LTS)

  • Windows users: To compile the native node modules used in the app you will need the Visual C++ toolset, available through the standard Visual Studio installer (recommended) or by installing windows-build-tools through npm. See more at Compiling native Addon modules.

Build Instructions

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
  2. Install the dependencies:

    cd directory-connector
    npm ci
  3. Run the app:

    npm run electron

Syncing from a directory service

To properly test Directory Connector, you'll need a directory to sync. We have instructions for setting up:

These are both LDAP directory services. If you need to test another type, you should be able to find a platform offering a free tier of that service.