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Mac App Store Dev


The Mac App Store (MAS) Dev build is only required to test certain features that are exclusive to the MAS. In general, you should use the main build instructions (using npm run electron) unless you have a specific reason for needing the MAS build.


These steps can be quite tricky. If you encounter any difficulties, post in the #team-eng Slack channel for assistance.


  1. Install Xcode from the App Store.

  2. Login with your AppleID that is a member of the 8bit solutions LLC organization. This can be done from Xcode > Preferences ... > Accounts

  3. Ensure you have a personal code signing certificate assigned to Bitwarden Inc by clicking the Bitwarden Inc team and clicking Manage Certificates....

  4. If no certificate is listed, click the plus sign (+) to create one.


Verify that your Apple Keychain contains a value for AC_PASSWORD, if not we’ll need to generate one.

  1. Login using your Apple Account on the Apple-ID website.

  2. Click on “App-Specific Passwords”

    App-Specific Passwords

  3. And then click on the + icon next to Passwords to add a new App-Specific Password. image

  4. Save the new App-specific password using

security add-generic-password -a "<apple_id>" -w "<app_specific_password>" -s "AC_PASSWORD"

Provisioning Profile

  1. Ask DevOps (@DevOps in slack) to have your Apple Development signing certificate added to the provisioning profile, and your Mac Provisioning UDID added to the whitelist. The Provisioning UDID can be found by going to About This Mac > System Report... and copying the Provisioning UDID: row.

  2. Once everything is added, download the Bitwarden Desktop Development (2021) provisioning profile from

  3. Install the provisioning profile to your device, and place it the clients/apps/desktop repository root.


  1. Identify the name of your personal development certificate by running:

    security find-identity -v | grep 'Apple Development'
  2. Ensure the CSC_NAME environment variable is set by running export CSC_NAME="", the value should be the output from find-identity without the Apple Development: portion.

  3. Run npm run dist:mac:masdev.


If this is your first time running desktop locally, be sure to run npm ci before npm run dist:mac:masdev.


If you receive an error stating You do not have permission to open the application "Bitwarden". ensure the correct provisioning profile is placed in the desktop repository root.