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JumpCloud provides an LDAP-as-a-service with a free tier that you can use for testing.


The JumpCloud free tier is limited to 10 users and you won't get the nice pre-generated data you get with the OpenLDAP setup.

Setup JumpCloud

  1. Create an account with JumpCloud and log in

  2. Create a user and bind that user to a directory. There should be a default directory you can use for this called JumpCloud LDAP. Refer to the JumpCloud help documentation for instructions

  3. Create an Administrator user and bind that user to the same directory. You'll use this user to authenticate Directory Connector with JumpCloud

Configure Directory Connector

  1. Run the Directory Connector Electron app (see the build instructions)

  2. Log in using the organization API key

  3. Use the configuration settings below

Directory Settings

For these settings, you'll need your JumpCloud organization ID. You can find this in the JumpCloud Admin Console → User Authentication → LDAP → [your LDAP server].

  • Type: Active Directory / LDAP

  • Server Hostname:

  • Server Port: 636

  • Root Path: o=[Your JumpCloud Organization ID],dc=jumpcloud,dc=com

  • This server uses Active Directory: [unchecked]

  • This server pages search results: [unchecked]

  • This server uses an encrypted connection: [checked]

    • Use SSL [checked]

    • Do not verify server certificates [checked]

  • Username: uid=[Admin User],ou=Users,o=[Your JumpCloud organization ID],dc=JumpCloud,dc=com

  • Password: [Admin User's password]

Sync Settings

  • Sync Users: [checked]

  • User Path: ou=Users,o=[Your JumpCloud Organization ID]

  • User Object Class: inetOrgPerson

  • User Email Attribute: mail

  • Sync Groups: [checked]

  • Group Path: o=[Your JumpCloud Organization ID]

  • Group Object Class: groupOfNames

  • Group Name Attribute: memberOf



When you do a real sync, invitation emails will be sent out to all synced users. Make sure that you're using Mailcatcher so you don't send live emails.

  1. Click the "Test Now" button in Directory Connector. You should get a list of users

  2. When you're ready, click "Sync Now" to perform a real sync. You should receive a confirmation message in Directory Connector, and see the newly invited users in the web vault