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User Secrets

The server repository comes with it’s own dev/secrets.json file for community contributors. Internal Bitwarden developers will need a different user secrets file in order to properly emulate the cloud environment.

The user secrets file that we use for development can be found in the Development collection in the Bitwarden app. If you don’t have access to this collection, please contact your manager.


This secure note has 2 attachments:

  1. secrets.json - the default recommended user secrets for development. This will use the local Docker services as outlined in the Server Setup Guide (e.g. MailCatcher and Azurite).
  2. additional-keys-for-cloud-services.json - these are optional keys you can add to your secrets.json if you want to enable test cloud services instead of the local Docker services. It is not a complete secrets file and cannot be used on its own.

Updating the shared user secrets

If you need to update the shared user secrets, please follow these rules:

  • new user secrets should go in one .json file only. We want to avoid duplicate keys across both files.
  • avoid creating new .json files as a means of version control. Often the information (such as auth keys) can be retrieved from the original source if we need to roll back. If you feel that you must create a backup, mark it as "DEPRECATED" with the date. secrets.json and additional-keys-for-cloud-services.json should always contain the most up-to-date secrets.
  • announce any updates in the #team-eng Slack channel so that everyone knows to update their local instance.