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UI Review - Chromatic

We use a tool called Chromatic to run automated snapshot tests for all Storybook stories. This allows us to quickly catch design regressions in an automated fashion. As part of this we use Chromatic to also review and approve the visual changes. Members of the Bitwarden GitHub organization can login to Chromatic using their GitHub account.


Chromatic splits the review process into two parts, UI Tests and UI Review. These appear as two different checks on the PR and need to be handled differently. The expectations for handling each one are broken down in detail below.

UI Tests

UI tests capture a visual snapshot of every story in a cloud browser environment. Whenever you push code, Chromatic generates a new set of snapshots and compares them against baselines. If there are visual changes, you verify if they’re intentional.

UI Review

UI tests protect you from accidental regressions. But, before you ship, you’ll want to invite developers, designers, and PMs to review the UI to make sure it’s correct.

UI Review creates a changeset of the exact visual changes introduced by a PR. You assign reviewers who can comment and request tweaks on changes that aren’t quite right. Think of it like a code review, but for your UI.


Chromatic will mark a pull request as pending if there are visual changes. Each pull request author is responsible for reviewing the UI Tests results in Chromatic and approve that the changes are intentional.

The tests can easily be accessed by clicking on the UI Tests check in the pull request.

Chromatic UI Tests

The action required for UI Review depends on the failing stories:

  • Component Library should be reviewed by the design department, which is done by requesting a review of bitwarden/dept-design in GitHub.
  • Other changes should be reviewed by the reviewing developer(s).

The review can be accessed by clicking on the UI Review check.

Chromatic UI Review & Publish

It's also possible to browse the Storybook for the pull request by clicking on the Storybook Publish check.