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Form Submission Detection

Why is Form submission detection important?

Form submission detection is important for several reasons:

  • It allows the Bitwarden extension to prompt the user to add new credentials to their vault, increasing the user's footprint in Bitwarden.
  • It allows us to accurately handle password change detection and help the user keep their data in sync, providing a better user experience.

Why is Form submission detection difficult?

The reason why the detection of forms and their submission is difficult because of the flexibility of modern progressive web apps (PWAs) and single-page applications (SPAs). In classic HTML, a <form> element is defined along with a <submit> that submits all of the form data to the user.

On the other hand, in modern applications a <form> element can be used to collect user data, but a completely separate API request sends the form data to the server. For a good overview of the complexities, see this excellent documentation.

What is involved in Form submission detection?

Initial Collection

We must accurately collect the page details to capture the fact that there are forms on the page.

DOM Manipulation

We must handle cases where the application is modifying the DOM based on user interaction.

Submission Detection

We must be able to detect when a Form is submitted so that we can properly notify the user to save their credentials.

How is this handled today?

The form submission detection is handled in the notificationBar.ts content script.

Detecting DOM changes for new forms

A MutationObserver is attached to the window and runs every 1000 milliseconds. It observes the DOM for any changes that include a form element has not yet been collected (using the data-bitwarden-watching data element on the form to see whether it has been collected).

If a form element is detected that is new, the Page Detail collection process is triggered to retrieve the page details.

Detecting form submission

Form submission is detected by attaching an event to each form submit() button on the DOM. This is done upon receipt of the notificationBarPageDetails command by the notificationBar.ts content script.