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Data Model

This document describes the internal data model used by the different client applications. We use several dedicated models to represent our data layer. With a slightly complicated data transformation pipeline.



The Domain models lies at the center of our data model, and represents encrypted data.


View models represent the decrypted state of the corresponding Domain model. They typically match the Domain model but contains a decrypted string for any EncString fields.


The Data models are serializable versions of the corresponding Domain. In most cases this means converting Date to string. It's exclusively used when serializing the Domain models to disk for persisting state or export. This means it also needs to support deserialize older data models, which is traditionally done by providing good default values.


Export models built from Domain or View models. Used for importing and exporting Bitwarden data.

Request & Response (Deprecated)

In the process of being migrated to live next to the the domain's API service. At which point it will no longer be a central part of our data model.


Shared API models used to convert from Responses to Data. Essentially an re-usable extension of the request models.