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System Management Portal

Portal naming

This documentation refers to the deployment of the Admin application in our server repository. To disambiguate this application from others in the Bitwarden landscape, we refer to it as follows:

  • For Cloud-Hosted Instances (internal to Bitwarden) Bitwarden Portal
  • For Self-Hosted Instances System Management Portal


  1. Navigate to the server/src/admin directory.

  2. Restore nuget packages:

    dotnet restore
  3. Install npm packages:

    npm ci
  4. Build the admin project:

    dotnet build
  5. Build out the wwwroot directory with the necessary stylesheets and libraries:

    npx gulp build
  6. Start the server:

    dotnet run
  7. Confirm it's working by using your favorite browser to navigate to the portal URL. By default, this is http://localhost:62911.

Configuring access


Portal authentication is done entirely through a passwordless flow, using a link sent through email. The email address must be listed in the adminSettings:admins user secret to be authorized.

If you’ve followed the Server Setup Guide this should already be configured, with the following accounts having access:

  • owner@localhost
  • admin@localhost
  • cs@localhost
  • billing@localhost
  • sales@localhost

If not, please go back and configure it now.


See User Secrets for how to configure your user secrets.

Logging in

  1. Navigate to your portal URL. By default, this is http://localhost:62911.
  2. Enter admin@localhost as the email (or whatever email you’ve configured in your user secrets)
  3. Open MailCatcher (default is http://localhost:1080) and click the login link.