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Admin Portal

Configuring users

Admin Portal authentication is done entirely through a passwordless flow, using a link sent through email. The email address must be listed in the adminSettings:admins user secret to be authorized.

If you’ve followed the Server Setup Guide this should already be configured and will default to [email protected]. If not, please go back and configure it now.


See User Secrets Reference for how to configure your user secrets.


  1. Navigate to the server/src/admin directory.

  2. Restore nuget packages:

    dotnet restore
  3. Install npm packages:

    npm ci
  4. Build the admin project:

    dotnet build
  5. Build out the wwwroot directory with the necessary stylesheets and libraries:

    npx gulp build
  6. Start the server:

    dotnet run
  7. Confirm it's working by using your favorite browser to navigate to your admin page. By default, this is http://localhost:62911.

Logging in

  1. Navigate to your admin site. By default, this is http://localhost:62911.
  2. Enter [email protected] as the email (or whatever email you’ve configured in your user secrets)
  3. Open MailCatcher (default is http://localhost:1080) and click the login link.